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Portland Baseball Club Training Opportunities

Private Lessons
Private one on one instruction in 30 or 60 minute sessions. Learn more
The Practice
Most popular monthly program twice a week covering all aspects of the game. Learn more
Sunday Camps
$30 Sunday camps offer 90 minutes of instruction changing topics on a weekly basis. Learn more
Baseball Schools
Winter Break & Spring Break camps offers 2 days of instruction. Learn more
College Camps
College satellite camps from top NW college programs. Learn more
High Level Hitting Class
For HS hitters looking to become an elite hitter. Learn more
Indoor Hitting League
3 on 3 competitive batting practice. 6 weeks of hitting games. Learn more
Velocity Program
Throw harder and recover faster. Advanced training methods used at college and MLB levels. Learn more
Monthly Group Classes
Unlimited monthly group training for $250 a month for hitting, infield/outfield, catching, and more. Learn more