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PBC Recruiting Assistance

The Details

  • Professional edited video
  • Field Level online profile
  • Over 300 connected college coaches
  • Free video updates
  • $250 one time fee
  • Sample Videos

    Aaron Zavala - C/INF
    Connor Wojahn - 1B
    Spencer Santana - P/INF
    Chris Simons - LHP
    Dutton Elske - C

    PBC Recruiting Assistance

    College recruiting is an in depth, complicated process. The days of coaching finding you are practically over. Players must be proactive from the start of their freshman year of high school to get their name and video out there.

    PBC helps this process by developing a professional video that is edited to the proper length to show coaches what they want to see. Our pitching videos include radar gun readings so coaches can see your true velocity. These videos are publicly uploaded to Youtube and promoted through Field Level and our social media accounts.

    Field Level is a college promotion website where you will build a profile that includes your contact information, academic information and statistics, athletic awards and stats, and video uploads. Your profile will be verified and sent out to over 300 college coaches with a specific message to schools that you target.

    The big schools in the big conferences like the Pac 12, WAC, and others are heavy into recruiting your freshman and sophomore years. By the time you are a junior, they have already verbally committed all the players for your class or given out all the scholarship money. So you need to start this process early. PBC will help you do that.

    Email to set up a time to shoot your recruiting video and set up your Field Level account.