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PBC Velocity Program

The Details

  • Unlimited Training
  • 3-5 days per week is ideal
  • Ages 13-18
  • Increase velocity
  • Improve recovery
  • $120 per month
  • Register Online
  • PBC Velocity Program

    In today's game of baseball, velocity is the key ingredient to getting noticed. Pitchers at younger and younger ages are throwing harder and harder. Don't believe me? Look at the average velocity in MLB. It's on a steady rise every year.

    Private pitching lessons do not create an environment of velocity intent. Most private lessons are filled with mechanical drills creating robots not flexible, strong, and aggressive athletes. The PBC velocity program teaches players a warmup, throwing work with an intent to throw harder, and a post throwing routine to get the most out of their body.

    Unfortunately with an increase in velocity comes and increase in arm injuries. While the majority of these injuries are due to overuse and abuse of arms by coaches, parents, and showcase events, preparing your arm and body to throw hard can reduce your chance of injury.

    How Do I Prepare My Arm & Body to Pitch

    A lot of coaches believe that the only way to prepare a pitcher is to do drill after drill followed by bullpens. For many younger players this is a great model as they need to build the framework of proper throwing mechanics. But for advanced players, mechanical drills after mechanical drills zaps the athleticism out of the pitcher. That's this program is so different then private lessons.

    Contrary to popular opionion, pitchers are athletes. Look at the routines of Nolan Ryan, Roger Clemens, Jake Arrieta. We need to build core strength, full body strength, and arm strength to keep pitchers healthy. At the same time, we need to take pitchers through drills that help them develop their mechanics and become athletic pitchers while creating an intent to throw harder.

    How Did We Develop This Program

    The PBC Velocity Program has been developed through years of researching what high school, college, professional, and independent coaches do with arm care. There are many programs out there on the market from throwing gurus like Driveline, Texas Baseball Ranch, The Armory, National Pitching Association, Top Velocity, and countless more.

    The PBC program was formed by taking a little bit from other programs and constructing a new workout. Every program has facets that are good and bad or facets that you agree with or disagree with. Our program has taken various components that we believe make the most sense when put together to improve velocity and arm health.

    So What Does the Program Consist Of

    There are three components to the program - Pre Throwing Warmup, Velocity Development, and Post Throwing Recovery. Each of these components has a group of exercises that players will do during each session.

    Pre Throwing Warmup

    This section consists of a resistance band routine, oscillating shoulder tube, foam rollers and lacrosse ball rollouts, wrist weight drills, and the water bottle drill.

    Velocity Deveopment

    This section consists of throwing weighted balls while doing position specific drills. Pitchers will go through pitching drills designed to teach mechanics while also creating an intent to throw harder. We also utilize connection balls during many of these drills to clean up mechanics.

    Post Throwing Recovery

    This section is often the most neglected by coaches and players. After completing this, pitchers will inevitably make it a routine they follow every time they throw. We have a TRX routine for shoulders, legs, and core, mini bands, kettle bells, resistance running, and medicine ball workout that will build functional strength for pitchers.

    How Does the Program Work

    Players work a minimum of 3 days a week and a maximum of 6 days a week. Each day consists of pre throwing warmup, velocity development, and post throwing recovery. As weeks progress, the throwing volume increases as does the weight and reps. Players will learn how to make their arms go faster while developing the strength and flexibility to slow the arm down as well. You can only throw as fast as you can slow down. The mind will not allow the body to move faster than it can stop.

    Off Season Program

    Our off season program consists of 12 weeks of dedicated velocity improvement. The program starts by getting the arm and body adjusted to the exercises and builds to building arm strength and arm speed. Off season program generally will run between October and March depending on when your season starts. Players will incorporate some bullpens into the program and be ready for the season to start when they finish the 12 weeks. 12 weeks is the minimum. Players can and should continue the program during the season.

    In Season Program

    The in season program is different for starting pitchers, relievers, and position players. Based upon how often you throw, players will be on varied schedules starting with their pitching day and working out from there. Some days involve long toss, pull downs, and strength work while some days are more designed for flexiblity and rehab.

    This Sounds Great - What Do I Do Next?

    If you are tired of the same repetitive private lesson, then signup for the PBC velocity program. The velocity program can be scheduled to fit around your busy schedule after players go through an introductory session. Players can start at anytime.

    The cost is $120 a month. That includes full use of the PBC faciltiy for arm care work at any time of day, full use of all training equipment including wrist weights, tubing, trampoline, TRX, weighted balls, Marc Pro Stimulator, vibrating foam rollers, and a personalized program.

    Register online to set up your introductory session