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PBC Team Tryouts

Why Portland Baseball Club?

  • Year round program incorporating skill development, strength training, and competition
  • Indoor training facility featuring unlimited training for PBC players with the latest technology
  • We support multi sport athletes providing a flexible winter training program from November to April
  • Playing time isn't as issue as player development is 1st priority
  • Showcase and college prep team offerings
  • More players moving on to college baseball than any other local program
  • Why Tryout for a PBC Team

    Portland Baseball Club offers teams at 12U, 13U, 14U, 16U, 18U age levels each with a varying goal. But overal, our goal is to teach players skills - mental and physical - that will make them better baseball players than their peers.

    Our 12U, 13U, 14U teams specifically focus on teaching players the complete game of baseball that will translate to high school and college. No funny trick bunt defenses or 1st/3rd plays. Our players gain an understanding of the game much deeper because they are taught the principles behind it, not just told to do it. They will learn what we call the baseball things - the little things that separate good and great players.

    Our 16U and 18U teams are about college prep and exposure. We put players in front of college coaches and MLB scouts more than any other program in Oregon. We have exclusive spots in the highest recruited events and have the connections to ensure that players are getting the looks they need to showcase their abilities. There is NO need to travel the West Coast or attend every Perfect Game event. We put players in the right position to show coaches their talents.

    PBC is not just about playing in tournaments and winning trophies. Our teams have a full year round training program incorporating skill work, mental training, arm care, and strength training. Throughout the season the team will practice 2-3 days a week with at least one of those outdoors.

    PBC is an investment in your child's baseball future. To get started, set up a private tryout here.

    Why private tryouts? Because we want to get to know the players and parents before committing a roster spot. Both the team and the players/parents need to be on the same program to be successful. Tryouts last about 20 minutes and cover hitting, pitching/catching, and infield/outfield work. All tryouts are done at our facility in Tualatin.