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Rapsodo Bullpens at PBC

The Details

  • Spin rate, spin axis, spin efficiency
  • Horizontal & vertical break
  • Velocity & location tracking
  • Ages 13 & up
  • Email to set up times
  • PBC Repsodo Bullpens

    Use the latest technology to truly understand what your pitches are doing. PBC utilizes the Rapsodo pitch tracking system to teach how spin rate, spin axis, spin efficiency affect different pitches and uses that information to improve your arsenal. Each pitch in your bullpen is tracked and recorded. You'll be able to do back and see how your pitches improve throughout the bullpen or from week to week.

    Rapsodo bullpens will take place on Saturday's and Sunday's at PBC starting in February. Set up a time to throw your bullpens by emailing PBC here.