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PBC Indoor Hitting League

The Details

  • View the final results here
  • Championship Bracket
  • Consolation Bracket
  • 6 Sunday Evenings starting Nov. 5thh
  • Games start at 5pm, 6pm, 7pm, or 8pm
  • Teams of 3-4 players
  • Open to all ages
  • $125 per team
  • $50 for individual
  • PBC Indoor Hitting League

    Portland Baseball Club is offering their winter Indoor Hitting League. The league provides players a competitive batting practice opportunity during the fall.

  • Championship Bracket
  • Consolation Bracket
  • Pool Play Schedule
  • Players should arrive about 5 minutes prior to starting time for their games. The door will be unlocked at 4:55pm once the facility has been set up. Please only bring your bat, batting gloves, etc. You do not need your gear bag and we don't have room for it. Spectators are welcome on the ends of the cage, but not along the wall with the hitters. Teams will keep score for themselves. There is no instruction included in the hitting league and we encourage parents to sit back and have fun. Please no instruction during the games.

    The PBC hitting league is simple in nature. Players score points by hitting line drives to the back wall of the batting cage. Everything else is an out. It's fun, fast paced, and creates an environment of competition and pressure as each swing represents an out or a point.

    Each team will play back to back games each Sunday for 5 weeks followed by a single elimination tournament on the 6th week. Players should arrive 5 minutes early for warmups and be ready to go promptly at their start time.

    The Rules

    • There are no age restrictions; therefore the league is open to everyone. Teams consist of 3-4 players. Substitute players are allowed, but no player should participate on more than one team. We will create divisions to create balanced competition.

    • The game will last for 30 minutes or 9 innings. Teams are requested to arrive 5 minutes prior to their game time for warmups. If game ends before 30 minutes are up, the remaining time can be used for extra batting practice. Each team will play 10 pool play games over the first 5 weeks with a single elimination, bracketed tournament the 6th week. Standings and scores will be kept on our website.

    • Each inning lasts 3 outs. Any ball that does not score a point is considered an out. Teams switch after 3 outs are recorded.


    • Back Wall Line Drive - 1 Point

    • Off the Top Square of Screen - 1 Point

    • Combinations where the ball bounces off the screen & hits back wall - 2 points

    • Portland Baseball Club coaches make final decisions while the two teams will rock paper scissors on any disagreements.

    Cost: $125 per team or $50 per individual. Individuals will be placed on a team Games will take place on Sunday evenings between 5:00 and 9:00pm beginning November 5th.

    For more questions, email PBC. Online registration is required for all teams participating and payment must be received in advance. Register here.