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PBC High Level Hitting Class

The Details

  • Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm
  • Sundays 9:00-10:00am
  • Grades 7th and Up
  • $200 per month
  • Monthly Committment
  • Register Online
  • PBC High Level Hitting Class

    Have you been watching the change in baseball? More home runs are being hit than ever before. This is in large part due to a change in approach by hitters. Gone are the days of trying to swing down to create backspin balls. Gone are the days of staying inside everything and slapping balls the other way. Coaches want players who can drive the ball over the infield and hit the ball out of the park. PBC is the leader in helping hitters develop a better approach and create mechanics to increase launch angles and exit velocities.

    What makes this class different? Imagine this as a college course. Players will be distributed learning materials via emailed presentations for review prior to each class. These presentations will visually describe what we will be covering during the next class session. This allows players to see what we are learning before they learn it and bring questions as each session will begin with a question and answer period. Players will then be taken through drill work with an emphasis on that week's swing focus and conclude with the necessary front toss and live pitching reps to implement the new swing habits.

    So why does this class make you hit the ball harder and farther? Because we will teach you how to use your body to swing, not just your hands. We will teach you how swing on plane with the pitch which will increase your contact percentage and strength through contact. We will teach you to increase bat speed at the point of contact. We will work with you on an approach to attack the pitcher every at bat. Players will go through video analysis and exit speed testing throughout the month so they can see their results. Our new Rapsodo Hitting device will show each after their launch angle, exit velocity, spin rate, and much more.

    The class will be taught by PBC's Joe Taylor. It will feature a lot of work on swing plane, bat and hand path, and on aggressive lower half mechanics. We will show how the best players in the world hit and implements the same training philosophies that they use to create a high level swing.

    This program is for 7th graders and older only. Don't miss this great opportunity to work with Joe and develop a swing that will keep you in the lineup.