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12U & 11U PBC Teams

Why Portland Baseball Club?

  • Year round program incorporating skill development, strength training, and competition
  • Indoor training facility featuring unlimited training for PBC players with the latest technology
  • We support multi sport athletes providing a flexible winter training program from November to April
  • Playing time isn't as issue as player development is 1st priority
  • Cutting edge training techniques to maximize development
  • What is the PBC 12U/11U Program

    The PBC teams at the 12U and 11U levels are focused on teaching players the proper foundation. Our players will learn hitting, pitching, catching, and fielding skills that they will use throughout their baseball careers. Without a proper foundation, the player will feel like he is re learning his skills every year. At PBC, we build upon the skills taught at this level so by high school, they have an elite skill set.

    Our teams will primarily play in tournaments while picking up mid week games against other like minded teams. We do not play in any local leagues which allows us to schedule games when we like, play at local fields, and we won't cancel games for no reason. No paying extra for a league fee. Our season schedule includes:

    • 9-10 tournaments
    • 1-2 trips to Seattle or Bend, everything else is local
    • West Coast Premier, USSSA, GSL, Nations, JBO, and indepedent tournaments
    • Mid week instructional games
    • 2-3 practices per week indoors & outdoors
    • Highly organized practices & pregame workouts to continue development throughout the season • Approximately 40 total games from late April to mid July

    PBC is not just about playing in tournaments and winning trophies. Our teams have a full off season training program from November to April incorporating skill work, mental training, arm care, and strength training. Throughout the spring season the team will practice 2-3 days a week with at least one of those outdoors. Our off season program offer unparalleled opportunities:

    • 5 days a week of group classes for hitting, pitching, infield, outfield, catching, and speed & agility
    • Monthly private lesson
    • Weekly arm care program with velocity improvement & recovery
    • Bat speed development program
    • Volt Athletics body weight strength program
    • Online classroom to teach the finer points of the game

    PBC is an investment in your child's baseball future. We teach skills and game situations to prepare them for high school basebal and beyond. Players will swing USA Bat standards and learn how to pitch, not just throw curveballs every pitch. To get started, set up a private tryout here.

    Why no big group tryout? PBC coaches want to learn more about each player and family during the tryout process. In a big group setting, you are just a number and face. We will ask and answer questions getting to know you better to see if PBC is the right fit for both of us. We are both investing a year of our lives and development time so let's make sure it's the right fit. No surprises at PBC.

    So how much is it to play? PBC charges a one time fee is $2,700. That includes everything listed above plus much more. Payment plans are encouraged. Add up the training alone and that's over a $3,000 value to non team players. You don't need to spend $5,000 to play on a club team and then add another $5,000 in travel costs. Spend your money on development at young ages and focus your travel budget during the recruiting years of 9th and 10th grade!