• Facility Facility Year round training in our 4,000 sq ft facility.
  • Fall Ball Fall Ball PBC offers a Sundays only fall league for ages 10-18.
  • Teams Teams 2016 tryouts going on now.
  • Training Training Camps, lessons, and much more open to all baseball players.


Thank you for visiting the Portland Baseball Club website. This is your source for all information about PBC teams, training facility, fall league, and much more. PBC was formed in 2008 to provide more opportunities for players to train and play baseball in the Portland area. Our indoor facility is home to the PBC Trade School where we teach players how to play baseball and skills that they can use on and off the field. Please visit our full website and check out the many programs we have ongoing.

What's going on at PBC?

Below you will find picture and links to various programs that Portland Baseball Club offers. Click on any of the pictures to learn more.

Upcoming Events

2016 PBC Team Tryouts

Have you considered playing club ball? Do you know the difference between PBC and other local clubs? Come to a free open tryout or schedule a free private tryout to learn how PBC became the top player development academy in Portland and how our team offerings facilitate that for players ages 10-18. Learn more here

Indoor Hitting League

How do you get competitive batting practice during the winter? Bring a group of 3-4 players to the PBC indoor hitting league. Starting in November, Portland's longest running hitting league pits players of all ages against each other in line drive hitting games. Games are played on Sunday evenings and heckling is encouraged. Learn more here

The PBC Way - A Coaching Guidebook

Are you looking to improve your baseball coaching knowledge? If so, The PBC Way is for you. Over 100 pages of team philosophy, coaching info, hitting, pitching, catching, fielding, and much more information is all part of the book. It's available in print as well as a full online component that includes videos to over 100 drills that are all explained in the book. Learn more here

About PBC

Portland Baseball Club was formed to create more opportunities for youths to play baseball and learn skills that they can use on and off the playing field. Our trade school facility teaches players and coaches baseball skills as well as life skills that will prepare them on and off the field for their entire lives.
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PBC is an investment in your son's future athletic endeavors. Learn baseball skills as well as life skills through our team training curriculum. Players are held to high standards of discipline on and off the field.

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